The report titled “Redesigning Energy in 5D” assesses the global energy agenda based on the collective expertise and views of nearly 1,800 energy leaders in over 100 countries. Leaders were surveyed in early 2024, following the conclusion of the COP 28 conference in Dubai. The report provides a unique snapshot of leaders’ perceptions of what’s driving energy and energy transitions worldwide.

Now in its 14th year, the 2024 edition shows that the risk of disorderly energy transitions, fuelled by a fragmented energy leadership landscape and with adverse societal consequences, is a key perception of uncertainty across almost all the issues leaders were asked to assess. Competing global and regional geopolitical agendas, the evolution of energy security concerns to encompass critical minerals and demand driven energy shocks and disruptions, and the varying regional nature of climate action priorities have converged to shape a distinctly uncertain path to achieving Net Zero and beyond

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