Les contributions de leaders sur le développement de l’hydrogène

This Working Paper on hydrogen is part of a series of publications by the World Energy Council focused on Innovation. It was developed in collaboration with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and PwC.

It focuses on exploring the national hydrogen strategies being increasingly published globally to support hydrogen development. It builds onto the Council’s German Member Committee’s report looking at national hydrogen strategies that was published in September 2020, and further explores the different hydrogen stories emerging between countries and regions.

To gather new critical insights on hydrogen state of play, opportunities, and challenges worldwide, the World Energy Council conducted 25 interviews with 28 energy thought leaders across 22 countries between February and April 2021. It also drew valuable additional insights from 10 interviews focused on hydrogen strategies in the Asia and Pacific region conducted at the end of 2020, as well as 10 interviews previously conducted in 11 countries in 2020 by the Council as part of its German Member Committee’s hydrogen study.

Together, these interviews highlighted new aspects of interest while also reflecting existing issues particularly critical for hydrogen’s development within the energy system.

The present Working Paper adresses the following issues :

  • Opportunities to maintain and create jobs
  • A potential disruption of the energy supply landscape
  • Developping hydrogen literacy to build acceptance
  • A need to further dialogue and exchange among the energy community
  • A need for frameworks to bring down cost and de-risk investment

Here the link to Inputs From Senior Leaders On Hydrogen Developments Working Paper