Hydrogène à l’horizon : à vos marques, presque prêts, partez ?

This Innovation Insights Briefing on hydrogen is part of a series of publications by the World Energy Council focused on Innovation. It was developed in collaboration with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and PwC.

This briefing builds upon earlier work by the Council and involved extensive research on national strategy developments and interviews with 38 experts from 23 countries, reflecting 61 % of the global Total Primary Energy Supply – TPES (2018 data, OECD) and 70% of global GDP (2019 data, WB).

The World Energy Council, in collaboration with EPRI and PwC, aims to provide a better understanding of hydrogen development worldwide for the energy community, building on the expertise and experience of its global network. This Innovation Insights Briefing aims to start a multi-stakeholder, multi-level community dialogue on hydrogen’s role in energy transitions.

The following 4 areas have been identified for further discussion:

  • Significant divergences are emerging across countries and regions, as national hydrogen strategies reveal varying attitudes towards hydrogen’s role in energy transitions
  • Confusion over ‘colours’ is stifling innovation, with over-simplification and colour prejudice risking the premature exclusion of some technological routes that could potentially be more cost- and carbon-effective
  • Demand-centric hydrogen perspectives are needed to advance the Humanising Energy and demand-driven agendas
  • The hydrogen economy could stimulate job creation and economic growth, potentially helping to fulfil ‘build forward together’ ambitions post-COVID-19

Here the link to Hydrogen on the Horizon: Ready, Almost Set, Go?