La dynamique de la demande et des coûts de l’hydrogène

This Working Paper on hydrogen is part of a series of publications by the World Energy Council focused on Innovation. It was developed in collaboration with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and PwC.

It focuses on exploring the national hydrogen strategies being increasingly published globally to support hydrogen development. It builds onto the Council’s German Member Committee’s report looking at national hydrogen strategies that was published in September 2020, and further explores the different hydrogen stories emerging between countries and regions.

Hydrogen is being discussed as one important solution to meet the Paris climate goals, as it can be a clean fuel, feedstock, and reagent for many energy intensive processes and transport services. However, possible hydrogen demand trajectories up to 2050 can vary depending on the development of complementing technologies, such as energy efficiency, electrification, carbon capture, and hydrogen technologies themselves. This analysis aims to shed light on the different hydrogen demand and cost trajectories by analysing various reports and energy scenarios.

This Working Paper focuses on the hydrogen demand and production cost providing insights pertaining to :

  • the use of hydrogen, its demand projections and long-term development
  • the method of the cost calculation figure and the global production cost dynamics

Here the link to Hydrogen Demand And Cost Dynamics Working Paper