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01/06/2022 @ 14:00 – 18:00
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Amphi Conrad Schlumberger and Online

Round-tables on new gas perspectives for the EU

Gazprom imports, LNG imports, REPower EU: What’s next?

Ecole des mines de Paris – Chair The Economics of Gas1
June 1, 2022 14.00-18.00
Amphi Conrad Schlumberger and Online

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a game changer for the EU gas policy. Moreover, it took place in a world context marked by rising energy prices and market turmoils that prompted
increased energy bills for households and firms. Against this background, at least three important questions emerge. First, how could the EU reduce its gas imports from Russia?
Second, are LNG imports a short- and long-term solution? Finally, is REPower EU the right answer? To address them, we propose a series of roundtables gathering leading experts and

14.00-14.30 Welcome

14.30-15.30 How to cope with Russian gas, now?
Panelists: Pierre-Laurent Lucille (Chief Economist, Engie), Pierre Noël (Research Fellow, Lille), Georg Zachmann (Senior Fellow, Bruegel). Moderator: François Lévêque (Professor, Mines

15.45-16.45 Can LNG mean Liberty with Natural Gas?
Panelists: Steven Gabriel (Professor, University of Maryland), Michal Meidan (Director, Gas Research Programme, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies), Fabrice Noilhan (Directeur marché
et transformation, directeur gestion des actifs gaziers Audit Officer, EDF). Moderator: Olivier Massol (Professor, IFP School)

17.00-18.00 Is REPower EU a convincing solution?
Panelists: Franziska Holz (Professor, DIW Berlin), Thomas-Olivier Léautier (Chief Economist, TotalEnergies), Thomas Pellerin-Carlin (Directeur Centre Energie, Institut Jacques Delors),
Xavier Rousseau (Head Corporate Strategy & Market, SNAM). Moderator: Anna Creti (Professor, Université Paris Dauphine PSL)

18.00-19.30 Cocktail

The Chair is a joint initiative of Université Paris Dauphine-PSL, IFP School, Mines Paris-PSL, and Toulouse School of Economics. It is sponsored by EDF, GRTGaz and TotalEnergies.