Reaching Carbon Neutrality by understanding future Energy Consumption (demands)

Focus on 5 major European countries.

European countries commit at national and collective levels to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

The analysis of energy demand trajectories is essential to understand how and when to achieve this carbon neutrality. Indeed, sectoral energy demand is the first driver which brings together the measures of Sufficiency, Energy Efficiency, and part of Decarbonisation.

This is the reason why Enerdata runs each year a detailed modelling of sectorial energy consumption by using stat-of-the-art algorithms and analysing past trends and main European policies such as Fitfor55 or REPowerEU, as well as long term national strategies, and technology developments.

Carbon neutrality has become a common objective, and five questions arise:
• Are we currently witnessing a structural break towards carbon neutrality?
• Was the gas and electricity demand limitation during the last winter sufficient?
• Are Heat pumps and electric vehicles actual game changers?
• Are the European investment projects to transform the steel sector facts or promises?
• What are the impacts of ambitious targets on the energy demand until 2050?

To answer these questions, our experts will leverage the two new scenarios from Enerdata: « Toward Net Zero » and « Objectives delayed ».